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Tom is, by far, the funniest guy I have ever seen in my entire life. For those of you who, sadly, have not yet heard of the infamous Tom Green, pull up a chair. He started out in Canada and worked his way up. Wayyy up. He now has his own show on MTV, The Tom Green Show. Along with his faithful, yet constantly abused, co-host Glenn, and the guy in the window (Phil Giroux), he has captured the hearts (and reactions) of unsuspecting victims across the country. Tom is also a spokesman for Pepsi One and No doubt, these companies called on Tom because his commercials would practically scream for attention. What a wonderful advertising tactic: Call Tom. Tom has really made it in the USA. He achieved the "#1 Video in America" title with his song, "The Bum Bum Song" (Lonely Swedish). He is the first musical artist to achieve that without having released an album. Sadly, he retired the video immediately after, so that other artists had a chance to achieve #1. What a guy! Recently announced at his website, was the wonderful news that Tom has signed a movie contract. TG fans await more news of filming plans.

A rare calm moment for MTV's Tom Green, in the Bahamas.

Tom on.. um.. some guy's shoulders, in the Bahamas.

Tom is known for his bizarre stunts he pulls off in public, just to get a reaction. This new type of comedy has taken America by storm. Here is a short list of some of the things Tom is most well known for.

1) Fountain diving in malls, in full scuba gear.

2) Throwing Glenn's clothes out of an airplane over Glenn's head, as Glenn attempts to bury Tom's mixing board in a field.

3) Trying to revive a dead moose on the side of the road by humping it.

4) Chowing down on chest hair sandwiches.

5) Interupting a softball game by walking around in a giant plastic bubble.

6) Drinking milk straight from a cow's udder in a supermarket.

7) Painting his parents' house plaid while they were on vacation.

8) Turning his father's car into the "Slutmobile", and following his dad to the bus stop in it, after his father refused to drive it.

9) Laying face down on a sidewalk, and after a crowd formed around him, silently walking away like nothing happened.

10) Swimming across Lake Washington. Yay Tom!