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Here's where you can learn all about the freak behind the site. Call your folks! This is fun for the whole family. Grandma's gonna want to see this for sure!

Full Name: Steven T. Alison

Age: 14

Location: Earth (sometimes)

Height: 5'8"

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Food: Candy

Favorite Drink: Root Beer

Favorite Candy: Pez

Favorite Activity: Acting

Favorite Book: To Stir a Magic Cauldron

Favorite TV Show: Angel

Favorite Movie: Matrix

Favorite Ice Cream: 50/50 Bar

My Pet Peeves: When people say "nevermind", stuff that's depressing

Pets: 5 cats (3 with mom, 2 with stepmom), 3 dogs (at my dad's)

Best Friends: Nick, Brittany, Amanda, Amy, John-Luke

Worst Enemies: My little brother, Matt Vandercook

Favorite Phrase: "Don't interupt me when I'm talking to myself"

Favorite Band/Group/Artist: I like all kinds of music, but no Backstreet Girls or N'Suck

Favorite Site: Hot Topic

Favorite Games: Twister

My Hobbies: Rock climbing, art, sword fighting, chatting online

Things That Frighten Me: Green jello