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Welcome to Amy's Crab Shack!

As a veteran hermit crab owner, I know quite a bit about them and have had several websites dedicated to my own hermit crabs. Recently the last of my hermit crabs died and I decided to take a break from them. But after only a month or so, I gave up and ordered a pair of hermit crabs from The Crabby Crab Company. Although they have not yet arrived, I've already named them. Tom and Glenn are due to arrive some time next week. I'm anticipating their arrival very much and will have pics of the little cuties when they get here. Feel free to browse! There's plenty of info here for everyone!

What to Expect

If it's not here, I'd love to hear your suggestions. I plan to have detailed pages on the proper care of pet hermit crabs, photos, a bulletin board, links, perhaps a chat room as well. Stay tuned; I'll try and update whenever possible.

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