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Finally, thanks to my brandy-new scanner that I received for my birthday, I have created a page for all my pictures I've taken. Well, the good ones anyway. Many of these are pictures of my friends from school, along with some other.. um.. interesting stuff. So enjoy or something.

Here's Steven, chowing down on a delicious chocolate donut. Steven likes donuts. Yummy yummy donuts. If you'd like to get in touch with this moron, e-mail him here.               

This is Heather. She's a cheerleader. Enough said. E-mail her here.

(Left to right) Erin, Anne, and Amanda. When it was time to get a picture of Anne, we had to have Amanda hold her still. Anne... were you.. <gasp>.. camera-shy?

Here's Brittany. Amanda, if you're reading this, I just want to say that this page would not exist if it were not for your spaz-wrangling skills. Thanks a bunch!

An Well that's it for now. Some of my best pictures don't scan very well. I'll have to take some more. Hope you enjoyed! I'll announce additions to the photo album on the main page. Thanks for visiting!