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Phil, I guess, could be considered a co-host of the Tom Green Show. He was lucky enough to snag the easiest job on the show. He sits in the wondow behind Tom & Glenn, and laughs. That's it. I know it's stupid, but he too has captured the hearts of his fans. He, Tom, Glenn, and Derek go way back as friends, I guess. That's probably the only reason he got the job. But we love him anyway. He RARELY speaks. The only time I've ever heard him do anything but laugh was on the episode where Tom, Glenn, and Phil drive home a few of the audience members. Later in that episode, he takes a shower at someone's house, Tom steals his clothes, and poor Phil comes out of the bathroom with nothing but a bath mat covering his <koff koff>. Not a pretty sight. Well, it has been announced on Tom's website that there will be a weekly conversation with Phil available in Real Audio on the site coming up very soon. I am looking forward to that very much. Phil has his very own webpage where, every day, you can see a new picture of him. Often it's a picture of his with another member of the Tom Green Show cast. Also, he thought up this cool thing, it's a free reminder service. Check it out here.

Left to right: Derek, Tom, and Phil

Phil.. making love to the Taco Bell chihuahua?!