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I have seen A LOT of worthless, crappy, thrown-together-at-5-AM websites in my online life, but there are several out there that fall under FANTASTIC. I mean, you have the crappy, yucky sites, the okay sites, and the jump-in-your-face-and-poke-you-in-the-eye sites. I like those sites. I just have to remember to wear protective goggles. Well here's the best of the best, from me, to you. Enjoy the linkage!

Note: Never ask to get a link to your site put on this page. If your page isn't my favorite, then it ain't here. You may, however, post a link using the Free-For-All Link thingy I got. Very cool. You can find that here. Thanks for reading!

Critter City: This is Kyla's homepage. Very kewl. Lots of information and contests, too!

Tom The kewlest guy on tv is on the web, too. A must see. I wanna hear the loon loon!

The Official Phil Giroux Website: Tom Green's buddy. A new picture every day... wow!

Centre for the Easily Amused: Are YOU easily amused? I am! This is an awesome place to chill out.

EPCPS: Recently closed but a classic. Check it out... sniff sniff.

Hermit World: Hermit crabs will NOT be appearing on my site. Go here and read about them.

Knott's Berry Farm: Best park in the whole wide world. Check out Ghostrider. Boomerang Rules.

Candy Stand: Awesome shockwave games here. Check it out... :)

Jelly Belly: Though Mr. Jelly Belly scares me, they give out awesome samples if your timing is right.

Roller Coaster Tycoon: My favorite computer game! Build a theme park, and custom coasters!

Phil Giroux's Favorite Website: Many people know I'm a very disturbed individual and easily frightened but this is ridiculous.

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