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This page is dedicated to the sweetest dogs on the face of the earth, Yuki and Inu. They're Basset Hounds in case the long ears and sad eyes didn't tip you off. They sisters. In fact, littermates. And they STILL manage to get along better than me and MY sister. Unfortunately, these sweeties do not belong to me. I don't have a dog at all. These girls I met over the summer. I started going over to hang out and take them to the park. And now I'm there everyday after school for hours at a time. I spend more time with these hound dawgs than I do working on homework, much to the dismay of my parents, who are baffled that I maintain decent grades. Well here are the pics! Not many yet, but just you wait. This page will be Basset Vision soon enough. Enjoy!

(Left to right) Yuki and Inu, chilling out after a long walk around the block. They may look slow, but when they wanna run, boy can they move those little legs! They especially love to go to the park and run off-leash, chasing eachother around and making noise. :)

Here's Inu being a sweety. If you look to the left you can see Yuki's tail.. hee hee! :P

This is Yuki & Inu's next door neighbor, Daisy. I think she's a terrier mix... sorta resembles a Jack Russell, don't ya think? Anyway, she's a real sweety and she accompanies the bassets on their park runs sometimes.

Finally! A picture of Yuki and Inu's sister, Coco! Isn't she the sweetest? She an Aussie Shepard mix of some sort. Super smart and super sweet. =)

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