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This page is dedicated to the greatest co-host on the face of the earth, Glenn Humplik. Sure, people have created "Anti-Humplik" sites. I hate them. Most of the stuff they say about Glenn is absolute BS. They're meanies to be so mean to Glenn! Well this page is for you, Glenn! To show my appreciation for being so cool. For letting Tom push you around. You have to admit. It makes for a great show. Without you, Tom would be nothing. And his parents probably would have killed him by now because he'd make up for not having you by picking on them, double time. So, Mr. Humplik, here's to you, the greatest co-host of all time.

Glenn & Tom chilling out in the Bahamas during the filming of the Bahamas Special.

Glenny Glenn likes fishies. But I hear he's a cat person.

Why Glenn Rocks

1) He puts up with Tom's crap and stays with the show anyway.

2) Unlike Tom, he answers his e-mail and message board messages.

3) He spends a great deal of time on the show's website.

4) He signed my guestbook! (See for yourself!)

5) He's a cat person. Kitties rule.

6) Glenn Rules

What Glenn Has to Put Up With

1) Tom make Glenn eat pee pickles (don't ask)

2) Tom made Glenn swim with 8-foot sharks

3) Tom made Glenn swing on a trapeze with a hangover at 7:00 am

4) Tom made Glenn eat mangoes purchased from a lady with a box on her head.

5) Tom dumped milk in Glenn's Lap

6) Tom shot Glenn with a paintball gun shaped like the singer, Jewel (or was it Alanis Morrisette?)

Bad Things Glenn Has Done

1) He sold his undies on Ebay to pay for a night of drinking for him and Phil. Naughty naughty, Glenn.

2) That's the only bad thing I remember him doing. He's a good Glenny Glenn.

3) Oh yeah. He french kissed Tom, I believe.

4) He peed in a tub of pickles at Burger King, too. Right Glenn?