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Feed the Less Fortunate

Many of us know what it is like to be a little short on neopoints and not be able to properly care for your pets. Well we are here to help! Our organization donates loads of items into the money tree and to individual needy neopets and their owners. But there's a problem- we're kind of new, and do not have the resources to really do anything yet. We need volunteers and donations. If you would like to help, use the information below. Thank you for your time!

If you would like to volunteer to help collect items and bring more attention to our organization, neomessage "AmyLouWho2U" and tell her how you would like to assist us.

If you would like to donate items:

Send food items to "giveawayfood"
Send toys and books to "giveawayfood"

We assure you that we are a non-profit organization. Every item that is sent to one of the designated accounts goes to the money tree or to an individual neopet owner in need of help to care for his/her pet(s). We do not require expensive items either. You can donate cheap toys, books or food and it will make a big difference.


Mission Statement

To ensure that everyone in neopia has the opportunity and resources to care for their pets. No neopet should ever go hungry! :)

Please sign our guestbook to offer comments and ask questions about our organization.