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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of questions I am often asked, concerning hermit crabs:

1) How do I tell the gender of my hermit crab? There is only one way to tell, by looking at the tip of their tail. But that's impossible, because hermit crabs would be ripped apart before they'd let you remove them from their shell. It doesn't really matter what gender your hermit crab is. Read the next FAQ to find out why.

2) Can I breed my hermit crabs? Nope! Hermit crabs will not reproduce in captivity. In the wild, hermit crab eggs are cast out into the ocean by the thousands. Even if you could breed your hermit crabs, what on earth would you do with 50,000+ hermit crabs?!

3) How can I convince my parents to let me get a hermit crab? Well I snuck mine into the house without telling my parents. They didn't find out for an entire month! If your parents are really strict about the "no pets" rule, you might want to try sneaking in a hermit crab. But only if you know what you're doing. You must have the proper housing, etc. How are you going to hide a 10 gallon tank from your parents? If your parents are not as strict, try asking for hermit crabs for your birthday or Christmas or something. Good luck!

4) What do I do if my hermit crabs get mites? Don't panic. Remove your hermit crabs from the tank immediately. Clean the tank with hot water, but no soap. Boil all tank decorations including branches, coral, food and water dishes, etc. Dunk your hermit crabs in clean, LUKEWARM water. This does not always work but if you give it your best shot, you have a good chance of your hermit crab surviving.

5) My hermit crabs fight. What can I do to end their quarrels? Put them both in a neutral environment, like a shoe box or something. Hermit crabs are territorial and usually fight when a new hermit crab is introduced to a previously adopted hermit crab. Let them get to know each other in this neutral shoe box or whatever you are using. After about 20 minutes, you can put the hermit crabs back into the tank without another problem. If they continue to fight, which is very unlikely, you may want to find the new crab another home, or give it its own tank if you are so inclined.