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I'm a bad Amy. I was bored, so I started foolin' with the digital camera. Well that's when I decided I would start taking candid pictures of people. Yeah, to put on my site. It's gonna be awesome. I can figure out the digital camera and produce website material at the same time. Well I only have one pic right now. One I'll probably get in big trouble for. But, oh well. I'll risk it. Below is a picture of my little sister.

Shhh.. she's sleeping. Now this child is the ultimate meanie person. I swear. You think that the older siblings push the younger siblings around? Ha! I don't know if it's because she hangs out with Pat & Nick or because.. well.. no. I'd rather blame it on Pat & Nick (Expect a few candids of them really soon). Anyway, this 12 year old brat has had me wrapped around her little finger so tightly, it ain't even funny. She outweighs me by about 15 lbs, so she can do anything she wants. She hits me and pushes me around and she pinches! What is up with that? She pinches like a little kid, but has the strength of a big kid. So of course I have scars on my arms where she's gotten ahold of me. Owwww. She's got a bad attitude and thinks she can push people around and say whatever she wants. The only reason she thinks that is because I let her get away with it. Yeah, stupid me. I should fight back, right. Yeah, I know. But there's a thing called the animal cruelty law. That is the only thing on the face of the earth that is keeping me from beating her senseless. You may think I'm exaggerating but this is the honest to god truth. That child is the work of the devil and everyone knows it. Even my parents know she ain't no angel. Oh, but look at her. She looks so peaceful. Well keep in mind..

She ain't awake yet!

Here's a not-so-candid picture of her in her attempts to annoy me. She was banging a roll of masking tape on the table repeatedly, because I wouldn't let her see my magazine. I mean, c'mon. It was a Teen People mag and the only reason she wanted to see it was because there was a section of it with CANDID photos of Nick, from Backstreet Boys, er, Girls. Candid! LOL pretty funny, eh? Well I think the beast may be on to me so I'll have to be careful. And it may be wise for me to pick a new subject when taking pictures with my camera. But if I ever have the chance to hide in Ashley's closet and get a pic of her dancing to Backstreet Boys in her undies, you'll see it here as soon as I get it.

Stay tuned for more candid photos of unsuspecting peeps. Smile! You're on Amy's home page!