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The Floofy Beasts

The Floof Zone is inhabited by several animals that protect the secret of the Floof. Their job is to make sure that no undeserving mortal learns what a Floof really is. Here, you can meet our guardian beasts. Please don't feed the animals. Thank you!

The Hermit Crabs

The Floof Zone is home to 8 hermit crabs. Armed with powerful claws and a protective shell, these bad boys do their job, and they do it well. Below is a picture of one of our hermies, being as vicious as ever.

The Anoles

Residing here, also, are 7 anoles. These demon lizards mean business, and will not hesitate to make a snack out of your finger if you come too close. Below is a picture of our meanest herp, Harley.

Thanks for visiting our guardian beasts. You may want to count your fingers before you leave. Though, we are not responsible for your injuries.

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