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Ahhhhhh!! I finally got my home page up!! Yayyyy!! Some of you may know I have been the creator of several websites over the past couple of years. Some were kewl. Some were downright fudged up. But one thing they all had in common was that they just kinda floated around cyber space by themselves. So I decided to create a home page where I can let my true self kinda fly out, and put up the links to sites I've created in the past. So now you what I do with my life. For those of you who know me, you may have noticed that I am online A LOT. A chosen few of you have chatted with me during my brainstorms and have gotten, let's call it, a 'sneak preview' of coming attractions. If you were indeed one of those lucky peeps, then bully for you. I will be announcing new pages here. So wake up, and pay attention for gosh sake!

Well whadda ya know... a talking lizard. Really? Where? Nevermind. Oh yeah. I forgot to introduce this kewl new thingie I thought up. Every day that lizard guy up there will introduce a thought of the day. Kewl, eh? Well if that lizard is as lazy as I am, the thought of the day will be thought of the month or something equally slackish. Is slackish even a word? Well, the thought of the day is...

"Glenn Humplik Deserves His Own Tv Show"

Wasn't that great? Eh? What? No? Oh well, forget you! I thought it was pretty darn hilarious! Me no cares what you think. So there. Hmph.

What the..? Well this is.. unusual, to say the least. <Flips through cast list> Heyyy.. now I remember! That hungry piggy over yonder will introduce a site of the week, each week. Don't ask to have your site be site of the week. We only honor sites that we think are deserving of the "The Party Animal" award. Eh? Oh, yes. There is an award. If your site is featured as the site of the week, you will get a spiffy award to put on your homepage. It's very cute.. and.. it.. has  a pig on it.. and.. er.. well just look at it.

Ain't it perdy? Of course, if your site wins, there will be no void stamp on it. That's only there to make sure no one takes it and puts it on their page, saying they won it when they really didn't. People who do that fall under the category of "Altwidagees". Don't be an altwidagee. :)

That tiger made me put him on the site. Yep, he did. Eh? Why did I give in? He threatened to attack my furby! I will not stand for the dismembering of my virtual pets, so I had to let him be on the site. And believe me, Ah-May was very grateful. The tiger is also demanding that I let him introduce something, so he's in charge of the navigational linx. Below are the links to the different pages that make up this site. You may want to watch your step around here... that tiger had a big breakfast. Have fun at Amy's Homepage!

I know we don't have much yet, but be patient. We just opened, for gosh sake!

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