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Altwidagee #1 is by far one of the worst. He/she insists on being an irritating human being, despite our valient efforts to notify him that he is indeed an altwidagee. We believe that he is absolutely hopeless. But what can we do? If we were in charge of every altwidagee on earth, we'd demand a hefty sum of moolah for our efforts, though in vain. In vain, only because there is no hope for any altwidagee, those poor souls.

Altwidagee #1 could once be considered a friend. That was until we realized that he had converted to Altwidageeism. It's sad. One person becomes an altwidagee every minute. We, however, will never become altwidagees because we have Altwidageeism Repellant Spray. Available at your nearest supermarket.

Altwidagee #1 constantly IMs us. Non stop. 24/7. Sometimes to ask dumb questions. Sometimes to tell us that our website is not as good as his. To set the record straight, his site sucks. The Teletubbie homepage rates above his. And believe us, we hate Teletubbies with a passion. Teletubbies are altwidagees in colorful jumpsuits.